Innovative EEG brainwave monitors for:
  • Sports performance, psychology & coaching
  • Neuro feedback, hypnotherapy & cognitive therapies
  • Neuroscience research
  • EEG-based games for neuro feedback therapy, training and entertainment
Contact Information

Alpha-Active Ltd
2 Devonshire Court, Heathpark
Honiton, Devon,
EX14 1SB, UK

Tel: +44 (0)1404 42455
Fax: +44 (0)1404 41455
Twitter: @AlphaActiveLtd

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PDF download of our brochure on EEG use in therapy PDF download of our brochure on EEG use in sport Some useful links outside our website

Alpha-Active Ltd is an innovative technology company providing:

Alpha-Active EEG

The Alpha-Active HeadCoach™ compact EEG for:

Sports science

Experimental psychology

Neurofeedback related therapies

Brain-computer interface (BCI) research

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Munin m-station rebounder

EEG research collaboration

We have a range of research skills and collaborate with other companies offering complementary technology such as CamNtech who provide compact wearable dataloggers for: EEG, ECG, EMG, activity/motion, sleep, activity diarising, etc. Alpha-Active also works with eye-tracking companies. We can work with you to provide a tailor-made solution to your needs.

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The enPathia HeadMouse

Providing computer access for people with limited or no mobility in arms or hands

A high quality alternative to conventional keyboard and mouse

Headmouse for hands-free use of PC

Small, lightweight, and easy to use

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