Innovative EEG brainwave monitors for
  • Sports performance, psychology & coaching
  • Neuro feedback, hypnotherapy & cognitive therapies
  • Neuroscience research
  • EEG-based games for neuro feedback therapy, training and entertainment


Links to scientific papers by members of the Alpha-Active team:

  • "Recent Advances in EEG Monitoring for General Anaesthesia, Altered States of Consciousness and Sports Performance Science" 3rd IEE International Seminar on Medical Applications of Signal Processing, 3-4 November 2005, ISBN 0-86341-570-9/9-78086341-415708, by M.J. Griffiths, P. Grainger, M.V. Cox, A.W. Preece.
  • "Monitoring Sedation Levels by EEG Spectral Analysis", American Dental Society of Anethesiology, 1991, ISSN 0003-3006/91, by Mark J. Griffiths, Alan W. Preece, and Josephine L. Green.
  • "Detection and Enhancement of the Hypnotic State in Susceptible and Resistant Subjects", Proceedings of the Tenth International Association of Forensic Sciences, Oxford 1984, ISBN 0 9509178 2 6, Section N (Forensic Psychiatry) Paper 244, by M.J. Griffiths and A.W. Preece.
  • "Brain-Waves and Altered States of Consciousness", Article for online magazine Positive Health, by P. Grainger.

  • Links to other scientific papers on related applications of EEG:

    Sports applications

    WCPAS IX: Dr Keith Barfoot of Alpha-Active Ltd gave an oral presentation on EEG mental state monitoring and eye-tracking of archers at WCPAS9 (World Congress of Performance Analysis of Sport, at the University of Worcester, in July 2012.

    To read the presentation click here.

    Electoencephalographic Studies of Skilled Psychomotor Performance Journal of Clinical Neurophysiology, Vol.21, No.3, June 2004 by Bradley D. Hatfield, Amy J. Haufler, Tsung-Min Hung, & Thomas W. Spalding.

    Pre-shot EEG alpha-power reactivity during expert air-pistol shooting: A comparison of best and worst shots Journal of Sports Sciences, 2001 vol.19 no.9, pp.727-733 issn: 1466-447X by Dr. Paul Holmes, Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), Gavin Loze and David Collins.

    Golf putt outcomes are predicted by sensorimotor cerebral EEG rhythms J Physiol 586.1 (2008) pp 131139 by Claudio Babiloni, Claudio Del Percio, Marco Iacoboni, Francesco Infarinato, Roberta Lizio, Nicola Marzano, Gianluca Crespi, Federica Dassu, Mirella Pirritano, Michele Gallamini and Fabrizio Eusebi.

    EEG applications for sport and performance Methods, 3 August 2008, Trevor Thompson, Tony Steffert, Tomas Ros, Joseph Leach, John Gruzelier

    Neuro feedback applications

    Can Neurofeedback Training Enhance Performance? An Evaluation of the Evidence with Implications for Future Research Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback, Vol.30, No.4, December 2005 by David J Vernon, Canterbury Christ Church University.

    Therapy applications

    Spectral Analysis Of EEG Signals During Hypnosis International Journal of Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics (ISSN 0973-4864) by S. Deivanayagi, M. Manivannan, Peter Fernandez.

    Hypnosis Induces a Changed Composition of Brain Oscillations in EEG: A Case Study Contemporary Hypnosis, 2007, V24. No1.P3-18, by Alexander A Fingelkurts, Andrew A Fingelkurts, Sakari Kallio and Antti Revonsuo.

    STANFORD HYPNOTIC SUSCEPTIBILITY SCALE,FORM C by Andre M. Weitzenhoffer & Ernest R. Hilgard Stanford University Modified by John F. Kihlstrom Original version © 1962 by Stanford University

    Links outside Alpha-Active

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    Sports related links

    The British Association of Sport and Exercise Science BASES

    The UK's high performance sports agency UK Sport

    Therapy related links

    The Hypnotherapy Association www.thehypnotherapyassociation a UK based association.

    Hypnotherapy Directory which provides information on a network of hypnotherapists.

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