Innovative EEG brainwave monitors for
  • Sports performance, psychology & coaching
  • Neuro feedback, hypnotherapy & cognitive therapies
  • Neuroscience research
  • EEG-based games for neuro feedback therapy, training and entertainment

Alpha-Active Real-time Compact EEG Brainwave Monitors

Alpha-Active have developed and produced a cost-effective portable EEG brainwave monitor that provides real-time data which is more robust to user movement - (pictured below). A key aspect of our EEG is the ability to view the time-domain and frequency-domain digital results data in real time.

A simultaneous sound recording feature is also available:

  • Allows sound to be recorded at the same time as EEG, providing event markers and synchronisation

  • For example - the ball on the bat, the words of the therapist and subject.

  • Gives an invaluable record of events during the Alpha-Active EEG session - no need to take notes.

  • Product Details

    Specifications summary for Alpha-Active HCP1/1 EEG: Alpha-Active EEG

  • 2 channels for left and right side of head
  • 5 electrodes and leads
  • Data resolution: 24-bit ADC, 16-bits stored
  • Sampling rate: 128Hz
  • Data display: Raw EEG signal, EEG spectrum from 0-32Hz, trend
  • versus time for two selectable frequency ranges, real-time and
  • playback of recordings
  • Power: USB2 lead from PC
  • Consumption: Less than 500mA
  • Dimensions: 150mm X 79mm X 26mm
  • Weight: 190g
  • Operational environment: +0 C to +40 C, 35 % to 80%, non-condensing
  • Storage conditions: -30 C to +70 C , 15 % to 90 %, non-condensing
  • Option available to record sound simultaneously with EEG
  • Computer Requirements:
  • The EEG requires connection to USB2 port of a computer to operate.
  • Compatible operating systems: Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7.
  • Computer not supplied.
  • All connection leads and software are supplied with the comprehensive pack.

    EEG rent options are available - Please contact us for further details on EEG rental and purchase.

    We can supply your EEG consumables too: NuPrep Gel

  • NuPrep EEG skin preparation gel, EEG disposable electrodes (snap connector type), antiseptic wipes, individually or in cost-effective multipacks.

    Alpha-Active are also suppliers of related devices:

  • 1. Datalogger EEG, EMG & ECG systems.
  • The Alpha-Active range of real-time EEGs requires connection to a computer during data capture.
  • Where this is not practical, our partners at CamNtech sell datalogger EEG, EMG & ECG systems.
  • These are very small, wearable products that do not require connection to any PC etc, during data acquisition.
  • Data is downloaded after the recording, hence there is no real-time feedback.
  • One could use the Alpha-Active EEG for real-time studies and simulator work and compliment this with use of the
  • CamNtech datalogger EEG, ECG & EMG system for in-field follow-up studies.
  • Please Contact us or CamNtech directly for more information on this product.

  • 2. Eyetracker systems that may be used in conjunction with EEG systems, etc.
  • We believe that the combination of tracking the visual focus and mental focus of a person simultaneously should
  • open up new levels of insight into psychology of performance in a wide range of applications.
  • For information on EEG and eye-tracker please Contact Alpha-Active

  • 3. From our associated company Staplethorne Ltd
  • Staplethorne is working on the development of a digital stethoscope.
  • For details click here

    Contact Alpha-Active for more information on EEG, consumables or any of these related products.

    If you are in Spain please contact our dedicated Spanish EEG agentEneso putting EEG in your message title.

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