Innovative EEG brainwave monitors for
  • Sports performance, psychology & coaching
  • Neuro feedback, hypnotherapy & cognitive therapies
  • Neuroscience research
  • EEG-based games for neuro feedback therapy, training and entertainment
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Alpha-Active Ltd
2 Devonshire Court, Heathpark
Honiton, Devon,
EX14 1SB, UK

Tel: +44 (0)1404 42455
Fax: +44 (0)1404 41455
Twitter: @AlphaActiveLtd

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The Company

Alpha-Active Ltd is a UK company formed as a result of a collaboration between technical product development company Staplethorne Ltd and the University of Bristol, where the original version of the Alpha-Active EEG was invented and patented.

The Company carries out product development, manufacturing, and sales from its factory in the South West of England and from its technology partner, Imartec SARL, based in South West France.

Alpha-Active Ltd welcomes approaches from potential partners in various areas of application and different geographical regions.

Our team includes professionals in the fields of clinical medicine, business, science, research & development and instrumentation.

The Team

The Company is owned by the team members, which includes the original inventors at the University of Bristol.

Dr.Keith Barfoot and Dr. Mat Cassen

Dr Keith Barfoot CPhys MInstP - Managing Director:

Keith is a specialist in product development of medical and security sensors and instrumentation through his company, Staplethorne Ltd. Keith's job at Alpha-Active is to focus on product development, customer applications, and commercialisation of the EEG.

Dr Mathieu Cassen MPhil - Technical contractor:

Managing Director of Imartec SARL, technology partners with Staplethorne (See Mathieu specialises in the medical device and software development aspects of the EEG.

Dr Keith Barfoot (centre) and Dr Mathieu Cassen (right) receiving a DTI Smart Award for Innovation from TV broadcaster and writer Adam Hart-Davis

Alpha-Active EEG

Professor Mark Griffiths MB BS FDS RCS BDS - Co-founder and Clinical Consultant:

Mark is a practising clinician qualified in Medicine and Dentistry, with expertise in EEG monitoring in altered states of consciousness and treatment of pain including psychogenic headache. The control of fear and anxiety for dental treatment has always been a great interest, as has treatment of pain.

He is currently Visiting Professor in the Eastman Dental Institute of the University College London and Research Fellow, School of Physiology and Pharmacology, University of Bristol and practises as a hypnotherapist at Hypnosis Doctor.

Alpha-Active EEG

Professor Alan Preece BSc PhD FIPEM MinstRP HPC - Co-founder and Clinical Scientist:

Alan is a medical physicist who carries out specialist research on cognitive effects of electromagnetic fields on humans.

He is currently Emeritus Professor of Medical Physics at University of Bristol, & Consultant Clinical Scientist at University Hospital Bristol.

Alpha-Active EEG

Dr Peter Grainger DHom DMedH ASHAT - Clinical Practitioner:

Peter is a clinical hypnotherapist and he routinely uses the Alpha-Active HeadCoach™ EEG during his clinical work.

Trained in hypnosis in the NHS, Peter used it to treat patients with chronic pain. Currently he offers a form of hypnotherapy which involves monitoring the brain's electrical activity (EEG) to ensure that the therapy becomes effective in the quickest possible time. Use of the EEG during therapy provides a measure of the patient's state of mental awareness/consciousness.

Dr Grainger uses hypnosis and EEG in the treatment of many conditions such as addictions like smoking or alcohol, for weight loss, or to gain confidence, or for conditions such as chronic pain, phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder, irritable bowel syndrome and any stress related problem such as anxiety/tension, insomnia, high blood pressure, panic attacks, guilt, anger, jealousy and inadequacy can be helped.

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