enPathia adapted head mouse assistive PC technology:

  • providing computer access for people with restricted mobility or null mobility in their upper extremities.
  • enPathia - adapted head mouse pc technology


    enPathia adapted head mouse assistive technology: providing computer access for people with restricted mobility or null mobility in their upper extremities.

    This innovative technology provides a high quality alternative to conventional keyboard and mouse, for hands-free use.

    enPathia system


    Main features of the enPathia system:

    • enPathia is an innovative adapted head mouse system that makes computer access easier for people who have reduced mobility or null mobility in their upper extremities.

    • It provides a USB-connected high quality assistive technology alternative to the conventional PC mouse and keyboard, and does not require the use of hands.

    • enPathia consists of a small motion sensor that can be attached with the integral band to a part of the body, often the head (frequently called a head mouse). It could be any other part with suitable mobility such as the foot or forearm. enPathia adapts itself to the way you work, not the other way round.

    • It does not require line of sight of the enPathia sensor to the PC monitor.

    • The user just needs to perform gentle and natural movements in order to control the computer. For example, if enPathia is worn on the head, the user can still focus on where they are typing whilst moving their head gently.

    • The adapted head mouse can be used to navigate the PC, folders, files, applications, browse web sites, for typing, for computer controlled commercial switches, playing games, etc.

    • The cost is low compared with many alternative assistive technologies for computer control, for people with physical disabilities, that are on the market today.

    Who is enPathia for?

    • For anyone with physical disabilities who does not have enough mobility in the upper extremities to use a conventional mouse and/or keyboard.

    • enPathia was developed by specialist assistive technology company Eneso in Spain, together with therapists and volunteers with a number of disability pathologies such as: tetraplegia, spina bifida, brain paralysis, multiple sclerosis. This is one of the reasons why enPathia is such a versatile and simple to learn system.

    • A list of pathologies where people may benefit is provided here.

    How does enPathia work?

    • enPathia works on computers with the Windows or Linux operating systems. The only requisite is that the computer has a USB port.

    • Turn the sensor in any direction (for example, slightly lean the head) and the cursor will move in that direction. It can move across the whole screen even with small movements.

    • It is not affected by lighting conditions, what the user is wearing, etc.

    • In order to left- or right-click, double click, drag, or show a virtual keyboard, just stop for a moment on any location on the screen. A menu will show up with all those options, and executing one of them is as simple as making a gentle movement.

    • You can also use enPathia with one or two commercial switches.

    • enPathia can be shared easily as users can create and save their own customised set-up profiles.

    • Here is a video showing how it works: Watch video.

    Buying enPathia: enPathia package

  • The enPathia package contains:
  • 1 enPathia movement sensor
  • 1 enPathia USB device
  • 1 holding band
  • 1 software application and user manual CD
  • 1 quick start guide

    • Price: The enPathia package price in the UK is £ 235.00 (no VAT to pay) plus post & packing.

    For customers in the Republic of Ireland (Eire) and elsewhere, please enquire as below.


  • Alpha-Active, authorized distributor for enPathia in the UK and Ireland:
  • E-mail: Enquiries@alpha-active.com
  • Phone (in UK): 01404 42455
  • Phone (outside of UK): + 44 1404 42455
  • Alpha-Active Ltd
  • 2 Devonshire Court, Heathpark
  • Honiton, Devon, EX14 1SB, UK

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